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    Our service expertise is not limited to paint only. We have a few more to make your painting requests perfect overall. Before painting, we repair your drywall and dry ceilings to remove all the nail marks, minor as well as major damages. This may sound basic but, every damage size has its own repairing method. The following is a brief introduction of processes involved in Drywall Repair and paint in Port Moody.

    Screw and Nail Holes:

    Firstly, our Drywall repairs service in New Westminster sands the rough edges of the drywall and cleans it with a paper towel. Then a small amount of spackle is pressed into the holes to fill them. Lastly, smoothen the surface and voila! It’s done. If there’s a great number of holes, it might take some time.

    Medium and Large Holes:

    For holes up to six inches and above, our Interior drywall repair in Burnaby uses a joint compound instead of spackle. To cover the damage, a drywall patch or a 2*2 drywall slab is used. After sanding and cleaning, the patch is applied firmly over the spot, whereas, the slab is placed into the wall by cutting the previously damaged portion to its size. The joint compound is applied over and, on the edges, making it flush into the drywall. Several coats may be applied, but two works best.