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    We understand that certain elements are always prioritized to depict an impression. For instance, if metals like aluminum and steel are being used, it depicts an urban style of construction. Whereas, if wooden trims and staircases are used, it automatically depicts a luxury feel to your house. The only hurdle in the way is keeping this wood away from bacteria and moisture for preserving integrity and longevity. And that’s where our Wood treatment and polish service in Burnaby comes in handy. From exterior wood refinements to interior wooden repairs, nothing is beyond our expertise. The Interior wood treatment in Burnaby not only cleans and sanitizes the wood but, it also treats wood to stay refreshed for long.

    There are alcohol, water, and oil solvent-based varnishes available for wooden refinements. The most common names are Violin, Resin, Shellac, Alkyd, Spar Varnish, drying oils, polyurethane, Lacquer, Acrylic, as well as epoxy. Every process is specific for interior or exterior wooden elements. For instance, our Exterior wood painting in Burnaby can be used over, utility poles, fences, lawn furniture and decks, landscape timbers as well as for log homes. While for interior wooden cabinets, cupboards, stair bars, doors, windows, furniture, and trims, our Wood varnish service in Burnaby is the best to get the work done precisely and elegantly.