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    You may be considering our custom painting as graffiti or murals, but it’s not. There are specialized artists who provide such services with a hefty tag. While our Affordable custom painting in Burnaby only induces designs and textures using traditional paints to make your insides and exteriors attractive yet symmetrical. These designs can be in the form of harlequins, stripes, checks, strié, polka dots, rag rolling, sponging, and many more depending upon your liking. We can also paint using custom stencils if provided by the client. On the other hand, you can also get a multicolor theme for your indoors with highlight shades and accent tones wherever intended.

    Our Best custom painting in Burnaby can also play with different finish types to meet your ideal paint requests. They can paint the main wall with a contrasting matte finish to highlight your décor collection. If you’ve spent a lot on your flooring, a semi-gloss paint finish will work. Moreover, if you do not have any of these. You can use multiple paint types to make your place attractive. Our Professional painting in Burnaby can also paint your flooring and wooden items with transparent acrylic or epoxy paints to make the wood stay glooming and safe for long. These techniques can be observed in the outlets and even restaurants to automatically divert your eye towards objects on sale.